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Installation of required software

For correct work of the station you need to install the following programs:

  1. SDR#
  2. Orbitron
  3. HS Sound Modem
  4. WXtoImg
  5. Meteor Decoder

Installation procedure


  • Instal software Orbitron. Follow the link and download the program in section Applications. In the folder Orbitron write the full path to SDRSharpDriverDDE in the file setup.cfg
  • Choose driver SDRSharp when you launch Orbitron(figure 1):

Figure 1. Connecting driver SDRSharp in program Orbitron



You need the following plugins:

  1. Meteor Demodulator
  2. DDE Tracker
  • You need to add the string in the end of the file plugins.xml, placed in the folder with SDRSharp. Copy the string from the file MagicLine.txt located in every archive with plugins.
  • Configure the file config in the plugin DDE Tracker or copy with repalcement in the folder with SDRSharp file from the archive ddeschedule.rar

Meteor Decoder

  • To connect Meteor Decoder to SDRSharp you need to write the path in file Config (DDE Travcker), нужно прописать путь к нему в Config: start_programm_Path<path_to_the_script\run.bat> (figure 2):

Figure 2. Path to Meteor Decoder in the program SDRSharp

  • After installation Meteor Decoder in the file M2_LRPT_Decoder.ini check the values R, G and B in the section [FAST]
  • In summer the following values:
    • R=1
    • G=2
    • B=3
  • In winter the following values
    • R=1
    • G=1
    • B=2
  • In the file M2_LRPT_Decoder.ini in the section [OUT] write the full path for saving photos in path


  • Choose выберите Settings → Devices in the program hs_soundmodem, check the box in Dual Channel and Color Waterfall, also make active KISS Server Port
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