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CubeSat beacons receiving (SPUTNIX satellites)

First you need to configure software Orbitron and SDR#.

Check out the correct time on your computer

1. Configure TLE source in Orbitron. Create new group Sputnix and add TLE source (figure 1):

Figure 1. Creating new group

2. Press the button Load TLE and choose active.txt to display satellites from the list (figure 2):

Figure 2. Load TLE

3. Choose the satellite from the list and launch prediction.

4. Choose the radio type WFM in the program SDR# and set Bandwith due to the transmitting bitrate. For example, if bitrate is 2400, then the bandwith will be 3000 Hz, if it's 9600, then the bandwith will be 10000 Hz(figure 3):

Figure 3. Configuration in SDR#

If you don't know tge bitrate, than you should orient on the beacon's width that you can see on the waterfall

5. Make sure you have selected the correct device and set the correct RF Gain

6. Check out in the tab Audio that you selected CABLE Input in section Output (figure 4):

It's about the virtual cable (VBCable driver). You can read about installation od the virtual cable driver in Installation of required software

Figure 4. Output device in program SDR#

Make sure that the button “Run selected driver and start sending data” in Orbitron is turned on

7. Download the program hs_soundmodem for USP protocol, created by “Sputnix”.

8. Launch hs_soundmodem. Go to the tab Settings → Devices and check configuration with the figure 5:

Figure 5. Configuration of the program hs_soundmodem

9. Configure the first channel at 2400bd, the second channel at 4800bd.

10. You will see packs while receiveng signals from the satellite. For decoding install SPUTNIX Telemetry Viewer (Windows) for OS Windows or SPUTNIX Telemetry Viewer (Linux) for OS Linux. With the correct setup, you should have a connection established and the button Disconnect is active (figure 6). If it's not, check Connectiom settings in Telemetry viewer software as it is shown on the figure 7.

Figure 6. Disconnect button

Figure 7. Connection settings

11. Previously, an increase in the volume of stored messages is required in the Telemetry Viewer. This is changed in the tab FileParametersHistory Depth >= 200000 followed by restarting the program (Figure 8):

Figure 8. Changing the volume of stored messages

12. When soundmodem demodulates the signal, it sends the received packet to the Telemetry Viewer, which decrypts it. The History field displays all received packages. At the end of the reception, you can save the log file by clicking FileSave log as…

If the Telemetry Viewer displays a message with a shift or distortion, try changing the font: ViewFont Settings, Consolas font.
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