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Requirements for the installation site of the complex

The “Bindweed” complex consists of an antenna complex and a workstation with receiving equipment connected by a single coaxial cable.

Antennas should be installed on the roof of the building or in another place with the best possible view of the sky.

Buildings, trees, superstructures, etc. that narrow the horizon make reception difficult.

For mounting antennas, two pipe stands (or two brackets with vertical mounting pipes) are required, with a pipe diameter for mounting the antenna 25 … 55 mm.

The distance between the pipe posts should be 1 …. 2.5 meters. Pipe-resistant must be grounded in accordance with the rules of grounding antennas acting on the roof (as a rule, a conductor with a diameter of copper not less than 6 mm).

Two corresponding conductors each 1.5 meters long, terminated by ring lugs for the M6 ​​screw, are included.

The antenna amplifier is mounted on the rack of one of the antennas.

The power supply of the antenna complex is not required (the low-voltage power supply of the amplifier is phantom, that is, it is supplied via a coaxial cable).

It should be possible to connect the antenna complex and the workstation with a cable.

Permissible path lengths and parameters of various cables are indicated in the table below:

By default, 50 m cable type 5D-FB is supplied. Other lengths and types of cable are available on request. By default, the cable is shipped terminated with a single connector. N-type.

At the request of the customer, the cable can be supplied uncompleted or terminated on both sides.

When laying the cable, the terminated end should be on the side of the antenna.

The requirements for the installation location of the workstation correspond to the usual requirements for the installation location of a personal computer.

Above the standard, the possibility of grounding the lower end of the coaxial cable is required. Includes wire to carry connections to the grounded screw M4 … M6.

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