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Requirements provided to locations of installation

The “Viewnok” complex consists of an antenna complex and a workstation completed with receiving equipment connected by a single coaxial cable.

Antennas must be installed on the roof of a building or in any other location with the best possible view of the sky. Buildings, trees, superstructures and other objects, narrowing the horizon, make data receipt more difficult.

Antennas require installation of two pipe stands (or two brackets with vertical mounting pipes), with a pipe diameter in the range of 25 … 55 mm, being intended to mount the antenna.

The distance between pipe stands shall be equal to 1….2.5 meters. Pipe stands must be grounded according to the roof grounding regulations applied for antennas (usually - by means of a copper conductor with the diameter of at least 6 mm). Two corresponding conductors, each having the length of 1.5 m, terminated by means of a ring terminal and M6 screws, are included in the kit.

The antenna amplifier is mounted on a stand of one of the antennas. There is no need to power the antenna system (to provide low-voltage phantom power for the amplifier, since it is fed through a dedicated coaxial cable). Drawings of the antennas are given in Appendix 1. It must be possible to connect the antenna complex and workstation by means of a cable.

Allowed cable lengths and parameters of different cables are given in the table below.

The 5D-FB cable is supplied with the default length of 50 m. Other cable lengths and cable types are available based on a corresponding request.

By default, the cable is supplied terminated with one N-type connector. Upon a corresponding customer request, the cable can be supplied in a non-terminated or double-terminated form. When mounting the cable, the terminated end must be located on the antenna side.

The workstation installation requirements are the same as normal requirements provided for a personal computer installation site. The possibility of grounding the lower end of a coaxial cable is required above the determined standard.

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