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"Viewnok" training station for satellite data receipt

“Viewnok” represents a training complex, which allows its users to receive radio signals of spacecraft units.

The complex includes two fixed-type antennas for operation in 136…146 and 435…438 MHz bands.

It is based on the so-called software-defined radio principle. This means that such operations as filtering and demodulation of the radio signal are done mainly by software rather than by electronic filters or devices as in cases of “conventional” receivers. This allows users to receive completely different signals with the same receiver, applying appropriate software.

The following types of radio signals can be received:

- telegraph radio signals, which allow users to:

  • receive Morse code signals “by ear”,
  • demonstrate the Doppler effect;

- images from NOAA, Meteor-M weather satellites, which allow users to:

  • consider development of weather phenomena,
  • study temperature distribution parameters;

- telemetry data from about 50 satellites for subsequent evaluation of the following parameters:

  • heating of the unit performed on the solar side and cooling implemented in the shadow,
  • circulation rate of a satellite.
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