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 +====== Training station for receiving satellite data "​Bindweed"​ ======
 +"​Bindweed"​ - a training complex that allows you to receive radio signals from spacecraft.
 +The complex includes two stationary antennas in the ranges 136..146 and 435 ... 438 MHz.
 +It is based on the so-called software-defined radio. This means that operations such as filtering and demodulating the radio signal are carried out mainly by software, and not by electronic filters and devices, as in "​ordinary"​ receivers. This allows you to receive completely different signals with the same receiver using suitable programs.
 +The following types of radio signals are available:
 +- telegraph radio signals that allow:
 +    * receive Morse code signals “by ear”,
 +    * demonstrate the effect of Doppler;
 +- images from weather satellites NOAA, Meteor-M, with which you can:
 +   * see the development of weather phenomena,
 +   * study the temperature distribution;​
 +- telemetry of approximately 50 satellites to evaluate:
 +   * heating the apparatus on the sunny side of the coil and cooling in the shadow zone,
 +   * satellite rotation speed.
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